Yahoo! Global Training Sessions


In July 2012, Marissa Meyer joined Yahoo! as the CEO.  Within days of her arrival, she insisted that the organization start using Google Drive to collaborate.  She wanted the roll-out to happen within three months.

The Challenge

Yahoo! employees had never used Google Drive before.  In fact, many in the company were not excited about the change since Google Apps as a product has elements that are a direct competitor to Yahoo! services.  Training sessions needed to be directed at the benefit of Google Drive while avoiding conversation about the other aspects of Google Apps.

Yahoo! has offices around the globe.  Three training sessions were delivered in the course of one day to accommodate Europe, the Americas, and Australia/Asia.

In addition, the training team needed to move very fast to accommodate Meyers quick directive to deploy Google Drive.

The Solution

I worked closely with the Parisa Ezzatyar, Sr. Talent Program Manager at Yahoo!, to device a training session that highlighted the benefits of Google Drive.  We decided on a quick presentation that would highlight the benefits of Google Drive and direct the students to get more information from Boost eLearning Google Apps Training.

The Result

The Yahoo! training team was thrilled with our training sessions and product.  Their adoption of Google Drive was reported as very smooth.  Praisa shared a comment on my LinkedIn profile stating,

Jeff is an excellent partner to collaborate with. He helped implement some Boost eLearning videos for our group on a number of occasions. His team was able to tailor the training videos to fit our needs and with a quick turn around time and even provided an in live training session for us to compliment the videos. His professionalism is one of a kind. Thanks for all your help Jeff. Look forward to working with you in the future!



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