Roche: Promoting Training


In February of 2013, Roche purchased Boost eLearning Google Apps Training as part of their change management program.

The Challenge

Roche wanted a way to display the features of the training in their central office.  They wanted it to be available to people to view on their mobile devices while walking through the halls.

Roche also needed to clearly explain to their user community that they would have access to training both before getting their Google Accounts and after they had their Google Accounts.

The Solution

Working with Christine Jacob, at the time Global Communications Manager / Business Partner, we developed the idea for a training poster with QR codes.  I provided direct links so they could access the training videos directly on their phones without needing to login.  (The full size posters were in English and French, with only English being shown in this mock up).

posters and monitor

I also created a video that explained how to access Boost eLearning Google Apps Training.  This video looped on the screen in between the two posters.

The Result

Roche achieved a high adoption of Google Apps.  The deployment team reported being please with the result of this campaign.


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