Costco: On Site Training for Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and the UK


In November of 2011, Costco started to deploy Google Apps at their corporate headquarters in Issaquah.  In addition to deployment of the eLearning course Boost eLearning Google Apps Training, I provided on-site instruction for the Costco team.  During this time, I worked the Tammy Dollar, then Manager, IT Communications and Organizational Change Management, and the Google reps of Amar Raul and Matt Harrell to build their Going Google Site and help craft their change management plan.

Their successful deployment of Google Apps locally was the basis they wanted to engage me to assist with their Google Apps roll out in their global offices.

The Challenge

Between October of 2012 and January of 2014, Boost eLearning delivered on-site training to Costco’s offices in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

A training curriculum had to be devised that met the needs of corporate headquarters, and yet each location was given the flexibility to tailor their training session as they saw fit.

Trainers needed to be located, be trained on the curriculum, and introduced to the local Costco Offices.

Expenses needed to be tracked for each trainer and get reimbursed by Costco HQ.

I also needed to track all of the SOWs and change orders for this multifaceted project.

The Solution

I worked closely with Tammy Dollar and Preethi Gandra to develop a curriculum that covered the basic training sessions that they wanted to have delivered globally.

Using Boost eLearning’s global reseller network, I researched and interviewed, using translators when necessary, instructors for each location who would actually deliver the training sessions.

I then provided a training session for the instructors.  For the non-English speaking areas, I first needed to train the translators.  We then needed to coordinate meetings for the trainers and Costco’s training teams.

Training times and venues had to be coordinated.

I also created a Google Form system for the trainers to track their expenses so they could get reimbursed.

I created an internal naming conventions and storage system to track the different SOWs we had open between Boost eLearning and Costco.

Here is a sample of the training session that was prepared for Japan and Taiwan.

The Result

All the training sessions were delivered on time and at budget for the customer while being profitable for Boost eLearning.  The local training partners were happy with the results of the training.  On the success of this project, Costco continued to engage Boost eLearning for further training engagements.


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