Sprint: Train the Trainer Sessions


In the Summer of 2014, Sprint partnered with Boost eLearning to provide Google Apps Training to every client that went Google as part of the Sprint ‘Carefree Cloud’ support package.

Sprint needed to train the trainers on the unique features of Google Apps so the trainers would be able to lead sessions for the sales teams.

Amy Bartle, at the time director of training, turned to me for help on creating a training program.

The Challenge

Sprint’s corporate leaders decided that selling Google Apps for Work would be an effictive business strategy to gain entree into new business.  The entire sales organization needed product training to understand the benefits of Google Apps.

The Solution

Amy and I created a hands on training session for the trainers.  We crafted several business challenges and showed how these challenges can be solved with using Google Apps. We then created exercises where the trainers were able to experience, many for the first time, the concept of cloud computing and the power of Google Apps.

We then trained the trainers in a series of sessions over several weeks.

Amy and I joined the training sessions that the trainers delivered to the to the sales associates to assist with any questions.

Here is the final presentation that was used:

The Result

The sales team enjoyed the training sessions and were able to clearly articulate the benefit of Google Apps.
The success of these training initiatives further advanced the relationship between Sprint and Boost eLearning, leading to Sprint placing their training on the Boost eLearning platform.  This further secured Boost eLearning’s role as the Google Apps Training provider of choice for Sprint.

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