Netflix-Onsite Training Sessions


In mid-2014, Netflix started using Google Apps.  Their primary motivation for adopting the cloud based technology was enhanced security.  They wanted to be sure that all files and devices would be able to be accessed centrally by the IT Team for security purposes.  (The Sony Hack took place in November of 2014.)  I was contacted by the Jose Izquierdo, Client Technology Services Manager, at the Netflix training department in Los Gatos California in December of 2014 to deliver on site training to help transition to Google Apps and adoption of Google Drive.

The Challenge

Training sessions were going to be held open for the entire office and held twice a day for two days.  The Los Gatos office was comprised mostly of legal, vendor management, and design teams.  The training sessions had to meet the various objections that were unique to the different departments and meet the needs of various skill levels.

The Solution

I worked closely with the IT department in advance of the training session.  We planned on starting with explaining the fundamentals of cloud computing and Google Drive.  We wanted to encourage people to use Google Drive,  yet at the same time be sure to explain the limitations and provide other options if Google Drive wouldn’t work for them due to their heavy reliance on using Microsoft Word.  We designed hands on experiments to enhance the training sessions.

After each training session, the IT team and myself quickly debriefed and revised the presentation so it would be improved for the following session.

The following presentation is the final version:

The Result

Each training session was attended by 30-200 people.  The deep immersion training session helped the Netflix Los Gatos office develop a consistent way of understanding how to work with Google Drive.

The training session was so successful that  I was invited back for two additional training sessions to train new hires and people who missed the previous sessions.



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