Sanmina: Deeper Engagement


In early 2008, Sanmina started using Google Apps.  In 2010, Sanmina started using Boost eLearning Google Apps Training to assist with their ongoing training effort.

The Challenge

In 2015, Sanmina was fully using Google Apps.  Boost eLearning was at risk of loosing this client.

The Solution

I worked with Dave Beliveau, Sr. Supervisor, Collaboration Services at Sanmina, and discussed the idea of Sanmina creating additional training content that they could host on the Boost eLearning platform.  Dave was open to the idea.  I worked with him and his team and socialized the concept of providing more Sanmina specific training to further drive adoption of Google Apps.

I held several training sessions with his team and taught how to best create new content to  further drive learning and engagement for Sanmina employees with Google Apps.

The Result

Sanmina created several additional courses.  This drew more attention to the training and resulted in Boost eLearning being able to secure an additional two year contract with Sanmina.

Here you can see the additional courses below:

  • Google Apps at Sanmina
  • Video Conferencing
  • SanminaNet Editing



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